Adding Calzones to menu

i am getting ready to add calzones to my menu

what is the max # of toopings can go into a calzone and what kinda of price do i ask for

i am going to make it out of a 10 oz dough ball


a 10 oz. doughball will yield an extremely large calzone…you’ll be able to trim off some excess after molding/flatening…

you should have no problems building a supreme or mega meat calzone…

I price mine from 5.95 - 8.95…I’ve done small & large, but settled on 1 size…

Number of toppings is limited by your baking process. However many you can get heated through safely in your bake time. You should be able to put in 7 or 8 if you have a workable bake time. We stick to 5 or 6 tops usually.

Careful with those veggies watering out, too.

the one thing you have to be careful with calzones is the if you put too many toppings and too much cheese, the calzone is going to look cook on the outside but the inside won’t be cooked… make sure you balance out the amount of cheese, not a crazy amount in the inside, sprinkle some on the outside…just like nick said, watch out for those veggies calzones they get very watery… good luck

We bake our calzones and strombolis until they look done. Then, we cover them with foil and bake for several more minutes. This keeps the top from burning, and ensures that the inside is done.

also, make sure you cut some slits in the top of the 'zone, to allow the steam to escape…

if you are using a conveyor, you’ll need 8-10 cuts so the impinged air heats the ricotta thru & thru