Adding oil midway through mix compared to the beginning,

I was reading one of Tom L’s posts addressing someones dough issue, he suggested adding oil later during mixing so the flour can absorb more water.

I loved what I got out of the mixer so much that I now wait at least 6 minutes to add the oil, My dough is not as tacky while scaling, and it gained better workability on the bench and on the peel with no noticeable difference out of the oven.
I was also able to back down considerable amounts on the ice that I use during mixing, which in turn gives me a warmer dough to scale and ball.
Of course, we cross stack the boxes for an hour now to compensate working with a warmer dough.

We add ours about 3 minutes in. Just at the point where the mixer changes speed.

About nine years ago I made the change from putting the oil in with the water at the start of the process to half way through mixing the dough. This change made such a difference that even my customers commented on how much better the crust was.

The things you learn here on the Think Tank are great!

Hmmm I wonder how to do this with our VCM. Total mix time is only about 2 minutes.

If I was using a VCM for dough, I’d hit it for a few seconds to get the water mixed in, let it sit for a few minutes for the water to absorb even more, then add oil and finish for a minute.

I did a batch of dough today with zero ice used, the dough came out at a nicer temp to work with, not tacky or sticky like I used to see without ice.
The part I like is this improved my dough for balling, I am not seeing it blow out as rapidly, yet no changes in my finished product. ( A good thing)

Thank you Tom.