Adding Pasta Without Having A Stove

I haven’t been on for awhile, so this may be a topic that was already discussed.

I would like to add pasta dinner to my menu like spaghetti, lasagna, baked ziti and possibly other dishes. My problem is i do not have a stove top to boil any water for the noodles. It sounds like a simple fix, but I would like suggestions if possible. We just have our deck ovens and a microwave for any type of cooking.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Giuseppe’s Pizza and Subs LLC

We keep single serve packs of Lasagne in the coolroom and take them out as ordered. We put them in the microwave to take the coldness out then top with a couple slices of tomato and a bit of shredded cheese (50/50 Mozz/Cheddar). We then put it through our converyor oven (7 mins @ 260 Celsius). Comes out great and we sell heaps.

You can get spaghetti or other pastas in single serve par cooked, with sauce added, and put them through the microwave. You can also do similar to lasagne - coolness off by microwave and full heating in oven.


If it’s something you’re serious about doing, you’ll need a stove. If it’s something you want to dabble in and try for a while, cook the pasta al dente off site. You can finish it off in the microwave at the shop.

I know they sell fresh pasta that you can boil in a microwave as well but it’s expensive.

You might want to contact Richard Lappen at Fresca Foods 303-465-4994. They manufacture all kinds of ready to serve pasta dishes that are a snap to recon (prepare/reheat). We have had then participate in our pizza seminars a few times and I can attest to the fact that they have a great product including some really up-scale dishes too.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

go to walmart get a presto fry cook (i Think that is what is called)

i cook my spaghetti & fettucini in it to al dente cool pasta portion in zip-lock bags then re-thermalize for 30-45 seconds when ordered and presto its done takes up 1sq ft of space and easy to keep clean

There is a large selection pre-baked noodles. You name it they got. I use a distributors brand. Can’t remember the name off the top of my head. Used to use a shell noodle that was ready to go from Reames I think. Store in the freezer thaw out an insert at a time and you’re good to go. Works great even if the noodles are still frozen.

Ask your supplie about Marzetti’s. They make a spaghetti, fettucini and ziti, all pre-cooked. They take about 2-4 minutes in slightly less than boiling water to get them unfrozen. I use a hot plate with water to do that. Really is quite an easy way to enter the pasta market. You’re not “cooking” the pasta, so you don’t need a hood above the water.

Buy a portable hot plate (commercial grade) and boil in the morning and portion. Microwave when you need them.

IMO, the easiest way is to cook off site and micro when needed. Add a little water to noodles before micro to give them a steamed/boiled effect. I’d also recommend getting a $1000 micro (Amana, forget model number). That micro will heat the noodles in 1 minute and sauce in 45 seconds.

If you get enough volume you can get a soup/sauce warmer for $100 to $150.

Thisd sounds like a very simple option . . . and probably quite affordable. You can go for either electric or gas, one burner table top unit. It can be a multi-tasker for you as it can heat and hold sauces for you, boil water to pre-cook pastas, refresh precooked pasta in hot water 45 seconds, and any other small stovetop chores you may want.

I won’t mention that a greasehood might come into the picture if inspector is compulsive and doesn’t accept your written plan and policy to use it only for water boiling and forbidding the cooking of grease laden food products on the burner.

CiCi’s (and I’m not using them as the gold standard by any means) uses half pans with water and pasta, cover and run through the oven.

Heck, if you can cook rice, oatmeal and grits in the oven, it seems like you could experiment and get your pasta times down. Water and pasta, over with foil and bake till you get your time/temp right for the pasta.

I use Marzetti’s Pre cooked Penne (Bari foods #20482). Comes in a 18lb box about $20 blast frozen.

When it comes in I portion it up in xl french fry bags (#508) until needed. when I get an order for penne, I just dump the portion up bag from the freezer into a aluminum tin with some red sauce covering all the frozen pasta. throw it in the conveyer 1 time thru. works great !!! you would never tell it was frozen. For our chick parm and meatball parm, we throw the meat (fully cooked and hot) on after penne comes out the first time with a few oz’s cheese on top…throw it thru half way to three quarter way thru oven again…add parm chs and oregano sprinkeled on top. Garlic bread and side salad in a 10" x 2" clay box an you got a take out dinner.

We don’t have a sit down and I have done the microwave way before…works great too. had an stove to pre cook pasta before but not now. Health dept DOESN’T like anything done at home and brought in. cost me 2.5 points before…(eggs for chef salads). Our scores are brodcasted on TV (local news) each week along with reasons for the points…ouch.

do you have an extra gas line? we have a little two burner gas stove that we store away on a shelf until we need it, then we just snap the gas line on and turn the valve on and we have a stove.

i don’t have a very big restaurant, and i don’t have anything extra like room or gas lines, but these are some great ideas…thanks