Addressing Postards

I mail about 1000 postcards to lazy customers, new customers, etc and was wondering if there is an easier way then using labels. I try printing on them, but they keep getting jam in the printer. Is there a printer that you could recommend that can handle addressing postcards?

Thank you

Tyler, many printers have a “U” path to make the printer compact…A printer with a “straight paper path” will print card stock better than a printer than bends the paper…I have no particular recommendation, however, if you ask at the store for help they can guide you…

Try this one thing before proceeding further.
When you go to print the cards, go to properties, on the printer settings where you press the ok at, and then choose labels.
This makes the printer go slower between prints.

I know on old HP Laser printers, you can drop the back panel & make it print w/o curving back around on top…