adjoining space ideas needed

so another one bites the dust…the mortgage co next to me i finished and I am thinking of ideas of an “expansion” of sorts for 1500SF…alot of people have been asking for about an ice cream shop. Just wondering if any of you out there have added space not directly related to the restaurant. We already have seating for 150, including our party room so we don’t really need the space. We own the property, so rent is not really an issue although it would be nice to generate more than the $2000/mo we were getting in rent.

My thoughts are games in addition to more parties but have to check with zoning for ay restrictions. Parking is an issue although I think most business would be from existing dine-in customers. We also offer delivery for those that do not want to pick-up.

Any thought woudl be greatly appreciated!

Games seem to be a no brainer if you don’t have them. Just another reason for people to choose you over someone else.