ADP Payroll

ADP has always been my choice. Compliance, accuracy and customer service.

I am wondering; is anyone having an issue with them at all? It seems as though the entire structure has changed.

Comments, experience?


We use them. Their staff is well trained and very professional. No issues. Have use other services but ADP is the best we’ve used.

Haven’t had any problems here with them. I utilize their Easynet system so i can input the payroll whenever i want. i don’t have to wait for their call.

I have been using for a long while with no problems

heres a question, how do all of you pay… weekly or Biweekly?

Right now i’m weekly but was thinking of going biweekly so I have less hassle making they checks.

Bi-Weekly here. Currently using PayChex.

Bi-weekly using ADP for several years. I especially like the SIMPLE IRA plan through Fidelity that is available through ADP. No issues.

Weekly? Wow. That must nearly double your payroll handling costs and I don’t think employees expect it. Bi-weekly is pretty much the standard.

Our payroll period ends on Sunday with checks due the following Friday.

We recently returned to ADP after using Paychex since at the time they were the only ones to offer an online solution. With that said…PAYCHEX stinks, you cannot imagine how many letters I received from the state saying that their calculations were wrong…or payments were late.

As for which one…you need to remember that the service is only as good as the staff it employees, and each of these companies have regional offices so just because I had a problem with our regional office, does not mean you will with your office.

I like ADP since their online solution is web based and NOT secondary Java Appelet like Paychex…old technology and a pain in the butt.

Well I know this is not the place to throw an ad in for payroll services - so I won’t.

But payroll is one of those items you MUST have correct - not only for your sanity but your employees and regulations.
So if it works - no need to fix it - just negoiate a better price. (and ADP is way over-priced )

but also as a note make sure you have your W-4 / I-9 on file and every staff should check to make sure their withholdings etc are correct to what they want. At the end of the year we had a few that said we didn’t withhold enough and we go to W-4 and it is exactly what they told us.

We do our own payroll through QuickBooks. Takes me about an hour every two weeks and I have have control over everything. In 10 years have never had a problem with any of the federal reports, social security deductions or anything. I print my own W2’s at the end of the year. I guess I really like being more in control of my own stuff.

I have been doing my payroll weekly with Quickbooks for almost 3 years, on average I have 16 employees and it usually take me 30min.
Never had any issues with anything being wrong.

Our payroll Starts on Friday, ends on Thursday and is a week behind… so:
for the Work of the days of 3/13/09 thru 3/19/09, they will recieve that check on the 3/27/09

Now I just have to talk the wife into moving to a bi-weekly pay

As for ADP being over-priced…in my area that just isn’t true. They are less than Paychex, and about the same as an accountant doing it. As for doing it yourself, my wife is an accountant and is a firm believer that this is something better left to the pros.