Who cares how good the PIZZA is every red blooded guy would order it.

I can totally see myself ordering this at a younger age…or maybe not so young.
Don’t know if this is really smart or a little to cutting edge for the U.S.???
Good Marketing or Bad Taste, you decide.

I couldn’t help but share it with everyone out there and see what you think.

There is always some sleazebag somewhere thinking of making money at some way or another regardless how tacky it may be.

Some will buy from him and others will write letters to the newspaper opposing him.

Not my idea of being in business, but then again the p0rn business is big business - just look at how many “adult” shops there are around the place.

I will wait to see how many law suits come his way when kids start getting exposed to the empty boxes that they may find around the place.


That’s disgusting.

Sleezeballs like this have a reserved seat in HeLL.

and I refer to my pizza as “pizza for adults…and the more aged”
I am in a community/winter resort of mostly retired snowbirds…
I cater my pizza to them, it is relatively bland* and I have a seasoning table with lots of things they can top their pizza with from powdered garlic, cracked pepper, and hot sauces…

*dough only has salt, flour, water, and IDY, I coat the balls with pomace olive oil
sauce is just crushed tomatoes lightly seasoned with sweet basil, salt, pepper and lemon juice
cheese is whole milk mozzarella…
Tom Lehmann taught me how to prevent heartburn and the customers seem to like it…thanks Tom, now I may bring my salt from 3% to 2% in the dough for the better flavor you suggested,

That is interesting how do you prevent heartburn…less spice, salt?

I want to know too.

oregano is a leader in causing heartburn in general…
use less, less heartburn.

that is simply put, there are other causes of heartburn and indigestion in different people at different times…
spices, fat, sugar, peppers can all casue it…

I remember a story that Tom Lehmann told about a pizzeria in a mall that was losing business to the older people because as much as they liked his pizza, they got heartburn so they ate his pizza less frequently…
Tom, knowing about the plight of oregano, advised him to reduce/eliminate his oregano in his sauce, advertise a “mild” pizza…the old folks came back and he did not lose the younger ones…ie more business… Tom, correct me if I got the story wrong

as for me, I use no oregano, 2 grams sweet basil, 7 grams black pepper, 19 grams salt, and 10 grams lemon juice to a #10 can of 6N1 Escalon all purpose crushed tomatoes…
I sprinkle a very little oregano on top of the pizza as it comes out of the oven, as well as a parm/romano grated cheese blend…
I have a “seasoning bar” loaded with enough spices and herbs to start a fire that they can make it as spicey as they like, and some do…

I have many comment to the effect "god pizza and no heartburn, like “XYZ”, thanks ?
…if you are mostly serving kids and younger people, ie Chuckie Cheese, I think you could load it up with oregano, customers would like it and not complain about heartburn.
I am in a snowbird retirement resort,
hope that helps,