Advertisers posting on TT

So the thread on CC’s started a small debate and certain posters have commented on what ‘we’ want.

So, lets find out what ‘we’ actually do want.

In my opinion posters (vendors) should make it clear (in the post or in footers etc) who they are, what business they represent. Royster is a good example of this - everyone know’s what he does and what area he deals in - nothing is hidden.

I agree with you. Royster is okay. He is honest and not pushy or sneaky. ( my bad, to those I offend just wear the sneak if it fits, all right?) I come here to learn from and share with other “pizza people”, which to me means the guys that did, do or will wear the flour. Those that have all the successes and failures that go along with our business.
If I want a new oven I will go to the oven mfg. If I want a pizza guy’s opinion of an oven I come here.
Could the “vendors and reps” have a place here on TT where they can post without hiding the fact that they too are trying to make a living? (With a disclaimer from TT, of course) :wink: If not here, maybe another place? Kind of a one stop shop? If there were such a place, I would go there when I want that kind of info or advice. Vendors are an important part of our business. But not here. Unless I have misunderstood the purpose of this board…

I’m not sure we do agree really yadama.

Royster, Tom, George (to name a few) who post in a capacity as ‘vendors’ play a very important part in this forum. From time to time its good to hear from others - some of the Oven, POS, and printing people etc. I recall Nick having a problem with something and the vendor posting on here. Imo we’re all grown up and can choose to read or not and post or not but I think it is fair that we know who these people and in what capaicty they post. If these people ‘add value’ then people will use them and if they come off as j**ks they people won’t - displaying their bsuiness contact details will usually ensure people can choose to avoid or not in the ‘real world’

If I recall this has in the past allowed PMQ to ban vendors and also ask them to politely ‘go away’ when they got to pushy.

<<<Royster, Tom, George (to name a few) who post in a capacity as ‘vendors’ >>>
Sorry, I thought these guys used to have restaurants. Guess I was not aware they were “posting in a capacity of Vendors” You are absolutly RIGHT!!
And so am I. I AM in the wrong place… Thanks!

I come from a position of “informed consent”. My personal opinion . . . . and its worth .5 cents Canadian . . . is that vendor type people should clearly identify themselves in a signature file, and have clearly specified info in their profile. Transparent identity, if you will. I would also prefer that said vendors be participants for a little while (I have no idea what that actually is, but be contributing) before making a sales pitch.

The latest person who riled up someone (I got stirred up a couple times myself in previous incidents) seemed to be making a decent faith effort to provide information as well as present themselves as available. The information is truly valuable to anyone getting hosed in the Merchant Services arena . . . and we are all pretty grown up about taking a flying leap of faith with a stranger fishing in our pond for a captive audience. Some are great, and some are weasels.

Basically, if I can tell right off the bat that someone is a vendor, and they’ve paid some dues of any kind, then I try to keep my peace. If someone cranks up a brand new skeleton profile and 30 seconds later launches into a pitch for their business and why they are the salvation of us all . . . that will generally spoil my mood. The more of a shill the less impressed I get. We need good services and good vendors . . . and we also want to know we aren’t just another forum being mined for free advertising contact.

Vendors are a great source of industry info. Blatant sales posts like that loser with the automated phone ordering system (the first time, he spammed the TT, not the second) have no place here. I wish more would stop by, but the problem is that when they do someone inevitably has a bone to pick with them, especially in the case of POS companies for example.

They should have a lone in their sig, and that is about the extent of it.

why are you in the wrong place?

Tom runs the 'bakery school - which charges for courses
Royster sells promotional materials
George - ovens, equipment and shop fits (from my knowledge)

I know Royster had a shop previously, I’m not aware that others did however neither George or Tom are on here actively highlighting issues for which they can provide a solution.

I’ve got to save thatif we stopped anyone (including these guys) who wasn’t an active owner then PMQ wouldn’t offer a fraction of its useful information.

IMO everyone should be welcome but we should know who’s trying to pitch stuff to us (directly or indirectly). So as said above all they need is something in their signiture.

ANd BTW - 95 views at the time of posting but only 11 votes - come on guys I know more than 11 of us have a view on this!!!

I voted NO, they do not have to make it clear if they are offering information that may help others reading. It’s a win win situation and people that patrol this board without authority only drive away a wealth of information.

Last time I checked, PMQ is a magazine. Why shoot the potential help plus advertising?


BTW, I voted “NO” as well.

ok my two cents is this, I met gorrila cards here, great work great prices
taradel sme thing…
rbs lynk has a guy here.
theres consultants and more.
I dont want to get flooded and weed thru everything BUT i for one can say I have found some helpful and NOT to mention there has been some that have swayed me NOT to use them…I think they should have to register and mybe just a different color on their name like a blue (signifing them as a vender) I for one pm them often.

that suprises me Nick.

So you’re happy to have vendor’s posting on this board about products and services they may offer without them saying a) who they are and b) that they are active in this market?

Each to their own but as I say I’m suprised.

In order to be a accepted as vendor posting here with the intent of drumming up business you have to walk a narrow path. If one of us went and joined the PTA and all we ever did was offer to sell pizza, or joined a church and never attended services but showed up at planning meetings only to suggest where to buy pizza for events, we wold not be accepted. The same for vendors here. I don’t mind being reminded by someone how they make their living if they are contributing to the forum. How can they best contribute? By providing knowledge in their field of expertise where it intersects with our industry.
Walking into a community and yelling “buy from me, buy from me” won’t impress anybody and the vendors that do that will go away quickly when they are not well recieved. Those that are willing to participate and make the forum a better source of information should be well received and stay around for a while.


I voted no. As long as the posts are helpful and useful to people and they’re not in your face with sales pitches and jibber jabber, I don’t have a problem with it.

As a reputable vendor I would hope they would have full disclosure of the duality of their usage of this board. The one benefit of having a vendor post information on a public forum is the members are the ultimate Bull S@#$ detectors. If it is good advice… members confirm it, bad advice or scam… heaven help them. I don’t have the luxury of a third party evaluation when a vendor is in my office or on the phone. A vendor better have their ducks in a row when posting or I ignore the postings quickly. Vendors or posters with a repetitive mantra or message have been dealt with quickly on this forum. The risk of inappropriate posting comes with the territory on an open forum.

Surprises me too – especially after reading Nick’s previous post. Seems inconsistent or maybe an error???

I think all vendors should clearly state where they are coming from. Maybe its something on PMQ’s side they could make distinquishable???

It doesn’t seem like a big deal to have them start a new thread if it is helpful or informative but that just seems like a slippery slope. I “want” vendors to participate because I have learned from them and am open from purchasing from them as well as a result. There are many products I would not otherwise be aware of and the feedback that is generated by the board as a result is invaluable.

Given the slippery slope principle, I would have to say starting new threads would quickly get out of hand.

well - presidents have been elected on a smaller majority than that but I’d say after a few days thats a pretty good majority of people who say that vendors should put a signiture on their posts!!!