Advertising Genius

I wanted to get everyone’s opinion on this commercial. My franchisor has made a commercial that was shot in their kitchen. It was set up like a delivery room, with nurses, a doctor, and a woman that was in the birth position. All of the actor’s were played by the main owner and their family members. It went like this: One of the actors(so called) was rubbing her hands together in excitement asking her husband if they could have one please!!! The husband says O.K. The doctor turns around and hands them a pizza. The tag line was “Just what the doctor ordered” The commercial ran last saturday night during the Mizzou football game. On a positive not it was a great time slot.

I’m not an advertising genus, but what the H*** were they thinking!!!

btw they fired their advertising company a couple of months ago…

On the surface it does not sound like a “winner” but sometimes suprizes can happen…In most franchises I have been involved in the owners had a say in the general direction marketing was going…Now that did not always mean we had a say beforehand, however, it usually meant we could stop something a majority did not like…

Reason #87 Why not to by a franchise.

Would you like some tasty afterbirth with that pie? :shock:

Here’s the next ad they’ll run.

Wide shot of a very tense operating room. Sound of a flat-line on the heart monitor. Nurses and doctors looking on sadly as the surgeon fights to save his patient. He’s stradling the patient with his fingers interlocked and pounding on the patients chest. You can’t see the patient with everyone standing around him.

Surgeon"Don’t you die on me dammit ! Stay with me man !!"

Nurse “Sir, he’s gone. He’s been under for almost three minutes now.”

Slowly the surgeon stops pounding the chest of the patient. One by one the nurses and doctors begin to walk out of camera shot as the camera begins to zoom in closer. It zooms in closer until you see he’s sitting on the logo of the franchise laying the operating table.

Surgeon “It was just supposed to be a routine operation… and now… now he’s dead.”

Surgeon no.2 “Time of death… about two minutes after our last commercial ran.”

Placenta on a pizza? Might be the next big trend in pizza. I have 8 kids I should have saved mine. hindsight is 20/20.

Aren’t you old enuff to remember the “Placenta Helper” ad parody they did on SNL (probably '76 or '77) - yes, I’m THAT old!

One of the most notable worst ads ever ran during a Superbowl… ONCE. It was completely unintelligable and after it ran, the business went absolutely nuts. The name of the company? APPLE. After that commercial, the publicity was incredible and served as a huge launching pad. Of course it wasn’t as bad as the one you’re describing.

That would be the marinara dipping sauce.