Advertising Idea.....Need Imput!

Hey I read an article recently about large companies that pay people a few hundred dollars a month to have their vehicles wrapped with their logos or ads and just drive them in everyday use. I remember back in the 80’s and 90’s when companies used to supply the car too but it sounds like now days they find a target area and take applications to find someone that drives a good amount in the area where they want to market and pay for the wrap and compensate the driver. I have never purchased a wrap for a car…how much would it cost to do a partial wrap or at least some heavy advertising on a vehicle? If you were to do a couple of cars at a time and run them for 3 to 4 months and then change cars to a different area. They also installed gps so they could track the mileage and area to make sure they were at least getting good coverage as per the agreement with the drivers they hired. I see this VW bug all over town all the time that is from a tanning salon and it always catches my attention. Anybody doing this? What do you all think?

First off, untill you wrap your own car, don’t pay someone else to drive a car wrapped with your ad. Secondly, a wrap is pretty expensive, anywhere from $1500 to $5000. You probably wouldn’t want to use something that expensive for just a few months and then throw it away. My Smart car has been wrapped for nearly 18 months and still seems to get as much attention today as it did when I first got it. My next idea is to trade my Toyota truck in for a wrapped Dodge Sprinter van and have a huge mobile billboard.

This is exactly what I would like to get – extended length and extra tall height. Right now I have a lifted F250 crewcab with big tires and a shell. I got the idea from Monster energy drink to wrap it up. I see big monster trucks driving around town all the time with the Monster logo. Just not sure I can make sense of getting a new Sprinter at $50k as I would need a passenger van for the family.

Those Sprinter are awesome billboards however.

a ‘full’ wrap is not always necessary and as Paul has siad it is very expensive.

As Daddio has showed recently just having a good proportion of a vehicle with a logo or name can be effective also.

You can get a good sized logo onto both sides of a car + the hood for a few hundred bucks with the store number as well.

I’m looking at giving my managers a car once they hit a certain level of sales (nothing flash just a cheap run around) and having this logo’d as well. I’m not sure I’d pay someone else to use their car there could be a few issues with that IMO.

When I look at any investment in marketing I want to know if that investment makes enough money to make it worth while…So when you say you can not afford that fully wrapped Sprinter do you mean it will not earn it’s keep or you can not finance it to get it on the road?..Those are far different situations…

I can’t spend that much for a new one either, but I was surprised to find a couple reasonably priced used ones with 60K miles or so.

I think the Sprinter would be more effective than my truck (although its big as well) but I’m not sure spending an additional $25k (after trade-in) is justified. If I just wanted a new car/truck or needed one I would get the Sprinter absolutely.

Just went on Ebay after posting last night. Found a passenger version for $43k in Illinois. Looks sharp. However, if I really want a new oven set up I will pass at this point in time. These are not times for splurging.

Yes full wraps would be costly but like I am hearing… some good logos and phone numbers and lets say you spend $500 on the decals and a few hundred a month for a driving billboard…seems like lets say you spend $2500 for a 6 month billboard that goes all over town… not a bad investment? Also guys as far as delivery vehicles I agree Sprinters or the Frieghtliner versions are great but they do cost a lot. Have you checked out the new Ford Transit Connect Van… Compact but not too small and good gas mileage… they have been selling these in Europe for years now.