advertising to current customers?

I am in the process of tracking the orders of houses that we have delivered too on an excel spreadsheet. We don’t have POS yet. What is the best way to get these customers to order again or order more often? Mailing out magnets? Magnets with calenders? Special coupon offers for returning customers only?

I’m not sure what you mail is as important as, whatever you do, do it constistently. Thats the key to having customers reorder. We mail magnets and flyers. I’m looking to email lists and facebook as well. Good service will keep them coming back (in most cases) :smiley:

We do a quarterly newsletter to all regular ordering customers. We include coupons, product information, new menu items, jokes, and anything else we think they might be interested in. It’s a great way to constantly keep in touch with our current database customers and also ways to announce changes or new products on a regular basis. Been doing them for about 6 years now and our customers really seem to like receiving them.