what has been the best advertising for you

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I find advertising to be most effective when I think of it as “reminding” instead. My company does fewer and fewer things that could be thought of as pure advertising anymore.

Advertising that still seem to work for us:

Late-night T.V. commercials on some of the cable channels most popular with the college kids. Cheap and pervasive.

And database mailings done when I don’t have anything “new” to say to my customers. “Hey, don’t forget about us and here’s a coupon” is just maintenance more than anything else… I even skipped sending one of those out last month.

Yeah. That’s about it for us these days.

Edit: Oh, I forgot. We also have a banner ad on our local college online-ordering site. Since kids can click through and order, we can notice the difference between now running it and the lack of sales in past years when we weren’t. No big competitors are on there, so it’s currently “worth it.”

Advertising is a very “hit or miss” proposition…So you need to test to see what will work for you…

From my past experience (in my pizza shop days) door hanging menus was at the top of this list…This was long before I became the “Magnet King”…I guess if I door hung these days I would have to include a promotional product (magnet, memo board, pen, etc.)…I see lots of posts that say “deals” are a must on your door hangers, however, I found by just being “in their face” more often you could generate sales with out reducing your margins…

A close 2nd was giving away free food…We hot the streets and gave away slices and menus…