advice for using my first mailouts

We have never sent out any flyers/direct mail pieces and would like to do so. We’re fast casual with delco. I would like to increase the delco as it is a small part of our business. I went on Melissadata and did a little research. Does anyone have recommendations on the following:

  1. do you choose postal routs to target particular demographics by street/age/income, or just hit the zip codes.

  2. should I start small, with a thousand or so, or try 5k?

  3. what would be your recommendation for the first flyer to send out?

  4. what kind of response could I expect?


hello slice,I would do 5k in your zip as long as its your del.area.And be ready because it will explode!Direct mail out are in my opinion the greatest way to advertise.Its a little costly at 1st but it comes back 10 fold.

good luck,Niccademo


My concept is to start small and work your way into it. It’s like building something. You start with a little bit until you’ve generated enough money to acquire another piece. Once those two have become successful, you generate enough money to acquire another piece, and so on.

I do the same thing with carrier routes. I’ve set the percentage of sales devoted to direct mail advertising and only increase the number of pieces mailed when my sales have gone up high enough to pay for another carrier route. Right now I’ve delayed for the summer because I’m doorhanging, but once fall picks up I’ll be hitting 2 carrier routes at a time.


P.S. Do carrier routes at a time b.t.w. It’s cheaper.

The word the USPS calls it is saturation. They love it and so will you.