Advice/help on Deck ovens VS Conveyor

I’m Working on setting up my pizza shop…need some good advice on the benefits or draw backs of a conveyor oven vs a deck oven…my past experience is with conveyor ovens, but i want to understand all my options.thanks :wink:

conveyor ovens are employee proof…=cant over cook a pizza - you can and will in a deck
rotating from hot spots…
spilling pizzas on your deck…=lack of practice= new employees…etc…
I would consider a conveyor
good luck

Hi pizza_is_fantastic

Send me or post your fax or Email and I will send you a dissertation on the question of Deck or conveyor that is to large to post here.

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Hi, thanks for the help…my e-mail is jpweenum& :wink: :wink:

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Being in I.T. in my other life outside pizza, it appears that the “&” in the email address should actually be an “@”.

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I’d love to read the info you are sending. I’d bet if it won’t fit here, that PMQ would be interested in seeing it as a possible article.

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Send your E mail or fax number to and I will send the dissertation to you.

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