Advice on phone system

what should I expect to pay for 5 lines with on hold messaging,spport ect… also what should i expect to pay for installaion??
thanks for your time and happy sales to all

I paid close to $3K for my phone system which has 5 stations, six lines(8 lines capacity). My message on hold costs $60 per month.

I got one of these and it’s connected to my phone system.
$150 for the hardware, and I had them do an on-hold message that is VERY professional.

For like $300, they offer a package including the digital player AND two messages (one for say a holiday season).

They did a great job - sending me good feedback on my script before recording, etc.

I know my previous post didn’t answer the original question…
My phone system was about $2400, including installation.
I’d already run cat5 wires from the phone locations to the back while the walls were open, saving some wiring money.
It’s digital; I have 4 lines and 3 full phones (rare that 4 lines lite up, if so, you can use HOLD). It was also set up to include one analog line - which has a 2-phone wireless setup and my fax connected.


I have an email in to the folks you recommended and I am hoping that their stuff is compatible with my phone system. Unlike the company Paul uses do your guys NOT charge a monthly service fee and you just buy the hardware?


PS I paid a local telecom guy approx $1500 for a 2 line, 3 handset AVAYA system…one of the best investments we made!

I have a 3 line system… but no hold or anything… should i upgrade??