Advice on pizza prep tables

We’re planning to purchase a new pizza prep table. Continental and True cost roughly the same. If anyone has experience with either or both of these brands, your advice would help a lot! Thank you in advance!!!

We bought a continental and customized it and it has been great!

Thank you for sharing the info, Sarkis!

I’ve used Continental and they work really well. I would order an extra right and left hinge assembly just in case, they seem to go every 3-5 years but it’s no big deal. If you have extra money, I would actually recommend Randell. They are the best I’ve every used. Continental would be 2nd, but I like the Randells a lot more because they are easier to keep clean and keep the product cooler with their cold rail system.

We just ordered 2 new lines from Central restaurant equipment. 2 true units. We’ve bought them before for our other location. So far so good

Hey Steve - I haven’t checked my Inbox here for quite some time. Thank you so much for your reply!

Thank you, Mike! That’s what we ended up purchasing.