advice on possible location

I am looking at putting a 2nd location about 10 miles away from my current location. I am a DELCO and do about 7-10k a week at my current location in a town with about 15000 people in it. There are 3 other pizzerias and 7 or so other fast food joints (McDonalds, Wendys, BK, etc…) and 4 full service restraunts. The 2nd location is in a town of 8600 with 1 other pizzeria, a subway and 1 restraunt. I know theres less people but theres also alot less competition. What are your thoughts?


Take a look at the “sticky” at the top of the forum page headlined, “PMQ’s Think Tank FAQ List”. In there you can find many discussions about demographics, traffic counts, expected sales projections, etc. After reading it, and you still have questions… don’t hesitate to ask.