advice please on "frequent buyer" promo

getting a new cash register/terminal machine and
have the opportunity to print on each receipt " 5 receipts over $10 and get a free 1-topping 10" pizza", or something to that effect

anybody with experience on this ? any thoughts ?


Way back in the last century, when I was a delivery driver for a chain store, they would give a free 2L of soda for each multiple of 10 orders. I am not sure how much it increased the frequincy of ordering but the customers did comment on the free soda.

I am concidering the same type of promotion and have an inquiry in to Point of Success on how to print the total number of orders on the customers receipt.

I recently have switched to Point of Success (from FoodMan)…

One thing FoodMan had was a $100 Club - each time a customer hit a $100 plateau, a screen would pop-up & we’d give 'em a special deal, like free wings on the 1st $100, free pie on the 2nd etc…

Maybe Jeff & his crew can generate a similar report/option

We have a loyalty card with 10 pizza bases on the back. They geta stamp over the base for every $20 spent. Fill out the 10 and get a large “Currambine Special” pizza free.
Spend $200 get a $14.50 pizza free. Food cost approx $4.00 Great cost to sales promotion.


We have a “Buy 10 get 1 FREE” card. We have their name, address, phone number and e-mail address on it. We keep the card in our boxes and each time they come in, we mark their card. THEY have to tell us what their last name is as we know most of our customers by first name. After they buy 10, they get 1 FREE. We have a $15.00 limit on what they get for free. If they want something above this price, they pay the difference. People think it’s great and seem to but more when they know they’re getting closer to their FREE one!

You should be able to get these from your promotional products distributor…A little more costly than the cards but if they bring the customers in to your store more often the extra cost is worth it…


My customers love these:

How 'bout anyone who has used something more . . . durable . . . for loyalty programs. I’ve been toying with some sort of tokens that customers bring back after collecting enough of them. Less hassle with having a stamp and stuff like that.

Up side is that they are potentially reusable, are colorful, can be washed, and are extremely portable, no special punch or stamp needed for fulfillment, low chance of conterfeiting.

Down side: 11 cents apiece, need thousands on hand, can and will be lost by customers, expensive to keep replenishing, will be lost by customer - requiring still more purchases too meet goals.

I know of a shop over here that gives a free garlic bread for every 10 pieces of pizza supports he gets back. These are those little plastic supports that keeps the box lids from drooping down. We put them in every box and they cost about 8 cents each (probably only about 2 cents where you are :cry: ). I don’t encourage returns as the health bit is a bit dicey. Reminds me of the corner store operator who got reported for washing used plastic drinking straws for reuse :roll:


we just started with repeat rewards- with magnetic swipe cards. Working well so far- www.repeatrewards.con

Just had an OmyGod idea for something more durable: Get custom made Casino Chips. I just did a google search - there’s quite a few companies with quite a price range offering these. It’ll cost more than what you’ve looked at, but given the poker craze around the country, I think these would be so much more effective. I’m thinking about getting 3 different denominations - $10, $20, & $50. If someone places a $40 order, they’ll get 2 $20 chips, a $75 order gets a fifty & a twenty, etc.

Just need to figure out how to do the redemptions now …

I know that one time when I came back from Vegas I had a few chips I forgot to cash in; when people saw them, they would ask where they were from, etc. This seems like a fairly inexpensive way to get people talking about my (or your) shop.

I did not want to do the punch card idea b/c it seemed like more work to punch and it seemed pretty easy for scammers to pull one over you…I opted to have a business card size “pizza points” printed on the front of my custome pinted large boxes. “Collect 10 for a FREE Large Cheese Pizza”. No extra work…no hassle and I even order large boxes without coupons printed on them for our discounted orders (schools, etc)
Has been working out great so far!