If you could only run Advo twice per month, which weeks do you think would draw the most response? 1st & 3rd? 2nd & 4th?.. Thanks for your input

The week that overlaps the 15th and 31st/1st.

Consider when most people in your area get their pay check because that seems to be when they spend more.

For us, the beginning of the month is always the best, and the end is always the worst (for sale volume). So no matter what I could run an ad either the 1st week (if the special was for that week) or the 4th week (if your previewing a special, etc).

I live in a half rich, half poor, mostly senior community. All SS checks come the first of the month, so the seniors are out and about shopping and buying take-n-bake pizzas for home. Thats a HUGE part of my profit, seniors with money to spend who want convienance. Another part of profit is in sales with food stamps - take-n-bake allows for sales with state food stamps because its not heated, etc, sp that takes is another large part of profit.

I pay attention to this detail no matter what. Our ad goes in our local paper every Saturday, and advertises the specials for the following week (sales week starts on the Monday). So if I run an ad at all, its the weekend closest to the beginning of the next month. I’m not sure about which week to run the second ad, pizzatime’s dates looked good.

Is advo a mailer?
we have val-pak
couldnt seem to find them in indiana
tell me more and your response rate