ADY instead of IDY

I want to attempt a Detroit Style Pizza and the dough recipe calls for IDY but we have a lot of ADY from when covid was here and we were having a hard time getting our fresh yeast.

So if the poolish call for 1 gram IDY can I use ADY and if so is there a conversion or gram/ounce for gram/ounce?


There should be a conversion on the packaging

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Here is a link to an article by Tom Lehmann

Daddio, After using it I can see benefits for both. We like the fresh yeast very much and we have been using it for the 17 years we have been in business. It was incredibly difficult to find during the height of the pandemic so that’s an issue. We also from time to time have issues with our supplier sending an out of date product because it doesn’t move very well at Sysco Atlanta so that’s also an issue. But we really like the fresh and fell like it’s old school way of doing things (we still have a deck oven as well).

For the ADY…it takes a bit more to use as far as activating it and waiting on that. BUT…we blind taste test some regulars and employees without telling them the difference and they couldn’t tell at all. So the price and the fact it has a an lengthy shelf life makes it a real contender in my book. I fell like we will always have it as a backup and if fresh yeast ever disappears we will be ready but not sure I’d switch over just because.

Hope that helps!

We also had an issue with our supplier sending out of date fresh yeast. We never knew the age of it but could tell in performance. We switched to IDY and never looked back. We did use ADY for same day dough if needed and when we made our sicilians before finding a copacker

Everyone I know thats uses fresh yeast gets a couple lbs delivered daily from their sub roll/bread supplier