Affordable Custom Pizza Box's for Chicago/Illinois

I have starting my own pizzeria in the Chicagoland area 3 years ago and I have been using generic pizza boxes ever since.
I want to expand my business and want to start using custom printed boxes in 12, 14, 16 inch sizes.

I have contacted distributors with little luck on finding anything affordable (some won’t even get me custom boxes).

Can anyone help me where I can get custom made boxes at an affordable price in the Chicagoland or Illinois area? I just want my logo, address, website, and phone number on them at most.

I would appreciate anyones feedback.

Also, we are not a huge pizzeria. We probably use about 1000-1500 boxes a month.

Try contacting Star Pizza Box. They are headquartered in Lakeland, Florida but I think they may have multiple facilities and distribute all over. They do a lot of single store operations.

PFG Roma has an excellent source of custom boxes… Better quality than Star…

You might also want to consider selling advertising space on your pizza boxes too. Many times local merchants will pay to have their advertising on pizza boxes as a way to keep their name in front of the consumer. Your name and advertising in the center of the box lid and sold advertising around the perimeter (taxi company, auto repair shop, video store (do they still exist?), handyman services, etc. This will help to off set the cost of your boxes.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I have tried PFG Roma but they aren’t cooperative with me.

Bob may be able to help… He brought the custom box program to PFG via my company in Atlanta… We were his first pizza box clients and he also makes the custom grinder boxes my original pizza company still uses… He is a really good guy! Dave

I’d definitely reach out to Whalen Packaging. I found them at the Interantional Pizza Expo, and their prices are significantly better than everyone else in the industry. The quality of the box is nice. I think they’re so affordable because they manufacture in China. I got a 3 color box with no set-up/dye cost. After Sysco’s mark-up to warehouse my boxes, I pay about $0.40 for a 14" box.

Star is a great company as well, but I think they’re pretty expensive. Also, they might have high minimums.

How about Inglese in Huntley,il.

Do you know of any shops that have done this? Do you have a picture of how their layout on the box?

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Think of the back of church bulletin…apply the same concept to a pizza box.