After 9 years... my best marketing idea.

I have tried pretty much all the stuff you hear about and see in the magazines. I own a medium/high volume shop. We do about 600K.

Of all the things I have tried, the one that I hear back about, gets written up in the local paper, I over hear people mentioning… is simple and best of all, it is free:

About every 6 weeks I run a report on the POS system that tells me which customers have ordered more than twice during that period. Either my wife or I call them on the phone. We call on weekdays during the day so about 95% of the calls reach an answering machine.

What we say goes along these lines: “Hi, this is XXXXX XXXXXX I own XXX XXXX pizza shop. I was gong through my reports and noticed that you had ordered from us several times recently. I am just calling to say thank you for the business. Have a great day.”

Every once in a while we get a live person on the phone and have a short conversation along the same lines.

Try it. It takes about 1-2 hours every 6-8 weeks to call them all.