age of manager

Can I promote a 17 year old to be a manager? and does a adult have to be on site when store is open?

You can’t make a contract with a 17 year old minor.

If you sell alcohol they must be of drinking age.

Personally I wouldn’t promote anyone that young to a manager, in my experience people I’ve worked with that were managers at that age were too immature for the job, plus they are still in high school.

I think depending on the individual a 17 year old can be an assistant, but even the best 17 year olds don’t have the maturity for it.

Maturity and actual leadership credibility aside . . . .

Please review Federal and State labor laws for employees under 18 years of age. You may find that they are actually inellegible to performa many of the kitchen tasks required of managers filling in for absentee or overrun cooks/prep personnel. Specifically look at the use of motorized and other cooking equipment. there is a break age that is either 17 or 18 on many of the key things like rotary mixers and slicers. might be a worth researching and considering before making someone the go-to of the operation.

The contracting with a minor is also an interesting issue that may be something to review with your attorney.

I promoted a 17 year old to Mananger in Training when my manager was off for 17 weeks with his broken hand.

The 17y.o. comes in at 1pm, does the set up of the make bench, does some specific cleaning that can’t be done at night, par cooks ribs, pastas and does other food prep and cuts and rolls the dough for the night.

He does a good job at his duties but somethings slip up due to not having the maturity to think outside of the square. But I guess I’m only a phone call away and I would rather have him ask a dumb question than, make a dumb mistake.

At 17, I find the maturity level to separate himself from the staff to be their manager not there. He is still at the age and maturity level where he wants to be part of the boys. I think this is understandable and reasonable and that is why I haven’t given him the whole responsibilities that go with management.

I think he does a really good job for the position he is in and he loved doing it, but this kid is one out of the box as well and is rewarded accordingly.

IMHO I wouldn’t go with a full blown manager with a 17y.o. You won’t get the full job done plus I don’t feel thay have the insight, maturity, respect or training to think through every aspect of the job. Plus remember they are still kids who want a life outside of work and you must take this into account with their rosters and what they will take on.