agflation is getting us..

my neighbor runs the US dairy export council. I called him at work the other day to complain about cheese prices (jokingly of course as he has no ability to adjust price)

Anyway i asked him if we would see any relief in cheese prices over the next 6 months. His answer…I’m afraid not !..He did go on to say that he feels prices will level off at these levels for a while. (Not what i wanted to hear but its probably what is…)

Fuel, feed , and world demand towards more protein in diet are the culprits. He called it AGFLATION… Historically Americans have had a very low FOOD component when it comes to percentage of income. The EUropeans and rest of the world have had a significantly higher omponent. This trend is in the process of being wiped out. The USA will become more like the world when it comes to food prices. WE had it too good…and now we have to pay the piper…

Big SAl

Well that just sucks!

my sentiments as well

Big Sal