AI-Based Text Ordering Service

Hello - I’ve been flirting with the idea of an AI text-based ordering system to reduce reliance on phone ordering, which improves sales efficiency and optimizes labor. Jet’s Pizza is doing this and significantly improving their business.

Can I ask for a few volunteers to try the product? All you have to do is text 607-318-1727 (US-based number) and order a pizza like you would normally, but via texting. Don’t enter any real information like address or payment info as this is a test prototype only.

I’ve attached a couple pictures for reference - you can see how it’s actually quite conversational, natural, and handles typos & customization well. It also tries to upsell drinks or dessert, whereas a normal employee would not.

Longer-term, this would be integrated with POS or however the pizza shop wants to make it as efficient as possible.

I appreciate everyone’s thoughts on whether this would be a useful tool for pizza shop owners.

I am sorry I am so long in responding. I have been thinking about this myself. I use Pizza Cloud for my phone system. They also are getting into this. I am going gto call them this week.

Please let me know where this takes you.

Wes Kronberg

hey Wes - did you end up chatting with Pizza Cloud? The company I’m working with seems to be fairly early stage but this texting solution has been good.

Basically, we just have the robot take the orders and it even takes customizations and understands slang, but then my staff enters them manually into the POS. So instead of spending 5 mins on the phone for an order, staff can enter like 10 orders at once that’s been queued up in the text system. This has saved quite a bit of labor headaches on Friday and Saturday nights.

There is also no payment solution so guests have to pay when they pick up or we bring a terminal at delivery.

However, I’m most surprised by how much guests like it - even the older folk seem to love texting.

Problem is they don’t have POS integration yet so it’s a pain to enter orders manually, but said they’re working on it.

How is Pizza Cloud solution if you don’t mind me asking?

I did talk to them yeasterday. Pizza Cloud is testing the system with a 100 unit chain out west. They said they should have results possibily have the results by the end of the month. I talked with Gabriel in sales.