AI phone answering service

Anyone out there try any of the artificial intelligence phone answering systems? Had an intro call with one today. They answer on first ring, can take dozens of simultaneous calls and can route the order through my POS. I have a followup call next week to see if they can handle pizza orders like split half pizzas and combos and get some pricing. Was wondering if anyone is further down the road?

Woah sounds awesome I didnt know there was anything like this

Pizzacloud has something like this, I haven’t used it, but when I spoke to them a few years ago, it was best for simplistic menus, like a dominos. I haven’t revisited it with them since

The company is SoundHound and I don’t think they integrate with that many POS systems yet, Square is advertised, they claim they integrate with Toast, which I use. They demoed ordering a cheeseburger, adding fries changing the type of cheese. When asked about a pizza shop demo they just ordered pre-configured pizzas. We ran out of time and will reconvene next week to see if they can do half pizza orders with multiple toppings. We’ll see