AIB's "Practical Pizza Production Technology"

Good class for a newbie? Anyone’s experience would be appreciated. Looking to get into the business and wondering if this a good way to start.

I can’t speak specifically about this class/program, but I would definitely recommend getting some “real world” practical experience by working in a shop. As I’ve said it many times, “making good pizza is the easy part.” There is just so much more to it… employees, suppliers, customers, pricing, marketing, taxes, insurance, etc. etc. etc. (notice I didn’t say anything about pizza although that’s important too.)

If you need to learn how to make great pizza, maybe this class will help; although it sounds like it may be more suited for mass production like a commissary or manufacturing plant. Get the syllabus and make sure it’s what your looking for and then go get a PT job at a nearby pizza place.


I went about 10/12 yrs ago - was interesting and was able to ask specific questions applicable to my operation…great addition to real world experience or useful if you haven’t any

The Practical Pizza Production Technology class is designed to give newbies an introduction into pizza making. The class is about a 50/50 split between hands on pizza production and class room lectures. The class will certainly shorten your learning curve and get you started in the right direction from the get go. You will have opportunities to bake with many of the different oven types, and make a vast assortment of different styles of pizzas, including thin, thick, pan, and cracker crust varieties, as well as making different styles of pizzas, calzones, focaccia, breadsticks, and garlic knots. We even make some great dessert and gourmet pizzas during the class.
If you go to our web site <> you can find class information as well as a short video of the activities.
If you have any question on the class, or would like to have some specific information, please feel free to e-mail Jeff Zeak at
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I enjoyed it and learned alot. Thumbs up from me. And you best get in on it before Tom decides to retire or do something else.