Air Curtains

Here is the deal. We have an ice cream store inside of our pizzeria. With the hot summer months people are always coming up for ice cream which means the window is always open. That also means I have a large hole for all of my a/c to escape and for insects to fly into. The shop is getting way too hot. Anybody have any experience with one of these? Are they noisy? This unit would be right above our heads so I am expecting some noise but not looking to scream at my customers.

We have a problem with AC being undersized and the shop is extemely hot even for customers. Ive looked at these aircurtains also and wondered if putting one on the main entrance door if it would help. Not sure what to tell u.

We have equipped several shops with these units. They defiantly improve conditions but may not completely solve your problems.

As to having one right over a service window we have never done that type of instillation. I suggest you phone Mars air curtains 866429 5189 and see what they recommend.

George Mills

following this, been wanting one for years, mainly to keep the flies out when a line of customers hold the door open for 30 minutes at a time

We use air curtains all the time in shipping/loading docks over the doors with their main function being not for temperature control but rather to prevent the entry of insects through the door openings when the doors are opened.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor