Air Deck crust

Hi just opened have a garland airdeck. It cooks very fast much faster then stone decks the only problem is the pizza cooks fast but the crust is a bit soft. I am trying cooking on pans and screens and not finishing on the deck, different temps also any comments or pointers would be a great help. thanks Bill

Yes, it does cook a lot faster than the stone decks. What we do is cook in the pan, then do just as we used to with the stone deck and brown the crust directly on the deck. Are you cooking at 500-525?
Tom R

yes but tried some lower temps to test

If you don’t want the softer crust you have two options. 1) delete any sugar from your dough formula. This will allow you to bake the crust a little longer without burning it to develop a crispier texture. 2) Lower your baking temperature. This wil also allowyou to bake a little longer to develop the desired crisp. Make sure you are using a dark colored pan. We have also found that the perforated baking disks (solid edge with perforations throughout the entire center section) from Pizza Tools <> perform very well to give you a crispy crust that actually looks like it was baked on a stone hearth.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

The thermometer in our oven is showing 475. Tom L. made a good point about the dark pans. That’s what we use.
Tom R

I have not had any luck with the website, but I think that is the exact same company. Good luck!

They are indeed one and the same.
Tom Lehmann/TDD

thanks I think I have become more used to the oven and things are baking much better thanks. bill