aircon/walkin problem


Due to my building position I have my air con and walking condenser units in a ‘plant room’ in the cellar of my shop with a venting system pulling air into the plant room and sucking air out.

It works ok most of the time but as the temperature rises in the summer it gets really warm.

My new air con guy has suggested some alteration including a ‘Plenum chamber’. I’m guessing it is something which forces the air into the condenser but having looked it up on www but can;t find what one of these is.

Anyone know what a ‘plenum chamber’ is…in simple terms.

Kev -

Contractors in my area use the term “plenum” chamber to describe something akin to a distribution box for your a/c air (and vent/make up). I have “plenum” chambers in my DELCOs that distribute a/c to the entire store as opposed to one specific area. We also use a “plenum” chamber to distribute make up air to the area around the hood as opposed to make up air “in the hood” (read somewhere that its more efficient to have make up around the hood than in the hood).

Hope the above info. helps.