Aldelo's Plug And Play POS and credit card question.


I am doing the leg work in preparation for opening up a WFO pizza joint and I am looking into POS systems.
I have a couple of questions;

  1. does anyone have an opinion on Aldelo’s Plug And Play POS?

  2. How do I accept credit cards? what do I have to do? will the POS company also provide this service?

thanks in advance for any info!


I believe many POS companies build in to their systems, credit card support, but generally you need to have a provider, like Heartland, Mercury, etc.

I use Point of Success and Mercury and am quite satisfied.

If you want to process Credit Cards with Aldelo, though your POS terminal with an MSR (Magnetic Strip Reader) you’ll need the Aldelo EDC license in addition to the Aldelo for Restaurants Pro license as Aldelo lite doe not process CC.

Aldelo EDC for most CC processors is $595 if you are using TSYS it’s $1,295.

With your Plug and Play add the only thing I see missing in the cash drawer, which should run you another $100 or so.

If you need any menu or Aldelo assistance feel free to contact us we provide full support for Aldelo as well as your equipment.

All the best.

Adelo sucks. They are the second worse POS company I have ever dealt with and have the worst customer service of them all. They might have some decent after market sellers, but the company and the POS itself is junk. The functionality is sub par, and they will nickle and dime you until you get fed up and throw away the crappy software they sell.

I have to agree with all comments above, i have a couple of friends that use Adelo, nothing but trouble. Most recent complaint i heard my program has a glich an update will cost me a few bucks… :!: :!: :!: