alfredo pizza

My wife and I have owned and operated our pizzeria for just over a year now. Just recently I have decided to add an alfredo pizza to our menu. I’ve made several “test” pizzas and tried them out on the employees and some of the regulars. It seems to be a hit. The only problem I’m seeing with the pizza is the time it takes to cook up the alfredo and then turn around to cook the pizza.

I’ve been reading the forum and searching this web page for the last couple of weeks. I seem to learn something new everyday here, so I figured this would be the place to ask: How can I cut down on the cooking time here? Is it possible to precook the alfredo and store it so we don’t have to cook from scratch with every pizza ordered?

Any advice here would be much appreciated.

I personally love Alfredo sauce. You need to identify what you are doing with the Alfredo that takes so long in order for us to give you some suggestions.

I buy my alfredo sauce in the pasta sauce isle. I dont have to worry about making it from scratch and the customers love the flavor!

I know USFoods and I think Sysco has an Alfredo sauce made by Knorr. It is pre-packaged Alfredo sauce that comes in 4/3 LB bags. Pricing is around $32 per case. All you do is cut a slit in the top and squeeze into a plastic container. POOF, you have Alfredo sauce you can spread with a spoodle. Hope this helps. -J_r0kk

I’m trying to stay away from using a premade alfredo sauce if I possibly can. The problem I’m afraid of running into is customers getting upset for the long wait. It takes around ten minutes just to cook up the alfredo sauce, then however long the pizza takes…And on a busy Friday night I think that might cause more inconvenience than anything. We have an alfredo sauce that our customers really enjoy, and I’m wanting to continue using it, but cut down on the total cooking time. I guess I need to know if it’s possible to precook a certain amount ahead of time and keep it refridgerated.

Thanks for the replies

we make alfredo sauce ahead of time just like pizza sauce (though much, much smaller batches). when someone orders we put it on the pizza cold just like pizza sauce

So you just cook the sauce like you would a normal fettuccine order and store it in the cooler?

I would say cook up a batch big enough to last a couple days and give it a shot. I have made it from scratch at home and stored it for a couple days in the fridge and it was just as good as the day it was made. Good luck!

yes, we make it up ahead of time and store it in the cooler. We actually have people requesting it as a dipping sauce so we nuke it for 45 seconds then put it into a dip cup. Taste the smae as if you cook it right then.

you could put in a crock pot and keep it warm you won’t use as much as if you put it on cold

My health inspector said a crock pot is good to hold temp but you need to get up to temp faster than the crock pot will. Keep your food out of the danger zone as far as temp goes.