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We have a conveyor oven and make cheesy mac, chicken alfredo, etc using a pre-made alfredo sauce that is good but expensive. I remember reading a post a while back that said you can make it from scratch and run it through the oven and it turns out great. I looked but cannot find that post and was wondering how to go about making it that way. Would it just be cream, butter, parmesan cheese, and salt & pepper? If you have made it, I would appreciate your help. Thank you.

I believe that would have been me that posted what we do for our alfredo, and someone replied that they tried it and loved it. or it was a PM, I forget

I do not measure, we do it by eye, so I’ll do the best I can to describe the process.

Cover the stretched dough heavily with parm or romano, drizzle heavy cream onto the cheese, top as usual.
We keep our heavy cream in a 24 oz squeeze bottle, and do a spiral pattern of cream on the grated cheese. Just enough to moisten it, not cream running all over the place.

If I get an order for our Chix, Alf, Bacon tonight during a slow period, I’ll try to get some less vague measurements for you on the scale

Awesome! I’ll give it a whirl!

So you don’t mix it up at all befors hand, you just put those two things on the crust?

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do you sprinkle it with basil or Italian seasoning?

@RPCLady We do add a pinch of herb for a little color,

@Jen We do not mix anything up ahead of time, everything comes together under the mozz as it bakes. We use a deck oven, and also have a hand-stretched thin crust pizza, so the heat transfer into the cream and cheese is good, I do not know how well my technique would work on a thicker crust, or in an air impingement oven, or if a screen is employed while baking. Give it a shot and try it out

My first shot at an alfredo sauce I did it the way I used to do it for pasta back in my fine-dining days, basically heavy cream and Romano in a saute pan and heat to tighten it, toos in pasta, done.,
But, I found problems storing it, when chilled it was like concrete and could not be spread on the pizza properly either. And not wanting to add steps to the pizza making process, I was not willing to have a line cook make alfredo sauce on the stove for each pizza as ordered, so I experimented by building an uncooked alfredo sauce on the cold dough, and the results were what I had hoped for .

My motto is K.I.S.S. (Keep It Simple, Stupid) it helps everything be more repeatable and consistent

I,ve had so many people ask for alfredo sauce and like you didn’t want to create more work, your solution sounds great, i would put some garlic butter down first ,Thanks Shawn, build out is near complete, ovens next week, booths on sunday

Be careful with adding any more fats to that, Heavy cream is already near 38% butterfat, and if you are using whole-milk mozz, you’re adding even more lipids and it might get too greasy on you. Maybe a a little fresh garlic, or granulated may work. Try it both to see what you get.
Our pizza that gets an alfredo has smoked chicken & bacon on it, both are fairly well seasoned already, so I add nothing to the sauce build.
I did have a guy inquire about substituting alfredo for garlic butter on our tenderloin steak pizza, I may need to do one of those as a slice today to see how it comes out

We would do our Alfredo sauce in the same manner as well but would use parmesan and add salt and pepper which we had mixed and ready to go in a shaker and garlic. I actually tired your recipe on a pizza a few times and it was delicious but for me a was a bit in the runny side so it needs some tweaking with cheese to cream ratios

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Are you using 'Heavy Cream" or “Whipping Cream”? I always go Heavy due to the increased butterfat percentage, and it tightens up thicker, quicker.
Are lighten up on how much cream you are using. I apologize for not have tighter measurements, I’ve always just eyeballed it.

One other thought, Deck oven or air impingement oven? I run a deck oven, so that direct heat penetrates good, and I have a hand-stretched thin. I use a 16 oz dough ball for a 16" pizza, so you may have a thicker crust insulating the cream from the deck heat too

Ahh good questions I used a whipping cream went to the grocery store and got some to mess around with didn’t think about the fat content. Air impingement in a pan 15 oz in a 14" pie. I will try the heavy and see how it comes out. We get a ton of requests for white sauce so I really want to add it to the menu but like you mentioned I need a quick and easy way to do it. What I did notice is if I don’t put enough cream the sauce cooks off and it looks and kind of taste like there is no sauce there. When I go a bit more it’s runny. When it cools down a bit it’s good but still a bit on the runny side.

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This may be an easy fix, I just crawled out of bed, so let me get some caffeine in me and get back to this issue and come up with a few things to try.
Do you have a stove where you’re at?

No stove just pizza oven you are awesome. I’m going to grab some heavy cream and have at it in the next couple of days.

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Have you tried manufacturing cream it has an even higher fat content than heavy cream we used to use this at our previous location for Alfredo sauce it was thick and velvety not sure if you can get a hold of it in your area but I used to get it at restaurant depot and smart and final carries it as well not sure if you have one in your area. I’m going to pick some up and give it a try with this

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I wrote up a reply a day or two ago, and I am not seeing it here, maybe my phone had a problem where it did not show, or I had fat fingers.

I am properly caffeinated today, thank you Java Monster/

I remember a product named “Chef Stuff” or something similar that was a condensed cream that was shelf stable, in a tetra pak container I was given a sample at the Chicago NRA show. I did try it for something I made at home, it was decent, not loaded with chemicals, and rather thick right out of the box. Maybe that product is still around and would solve the watery issues?
There are also some creams out there with carrageenan added as a thickener that make the viscosity thicker, that may work for you too

With no stove to pre-tighten the cream mix with heat, maybe nuke the mix as needed right before topping, or cold blend the ingredients to get a slurry where the cheese may absorb some more cream before hitting the dough.

Or, since you run an air impingement oven, maybe build an upside down pie with the cheese on the dough, then put the sauce on top so that hot air may evaporate the liquids better, I would expect the sauce to run down onto the crust while baking. I do not have an air impingement unit to experiment with, so this is just speculation on my part.

Any progress with the Alfredo?

I’ve been sick with flu this past whole week so I really havent been into the shop but i will be ordering some manufacturing cream from supplier today and will receive it tomorrow. Im going to mess around with it and see what happens.

So I received some heavy cream today. I used to get alta dena manufacturing cream but it is no longer labeled as manufacturing cream due to some changes in government hooha it is now alta dena heavy cream. I just made a small pie and it is nice and gooey not runny at all and tastes delicious. I just have to play around with the parmesan to cream ratio a little bit but it doesnt seem like its going to be in the least bit runny as I did put a lot of cream on the pizza. The cream is nice and thick and velvety coming out of the carton so this looks very promising. I’m going to be making a large pie later on tonight and will let you know how that turns out as well.

I’m glad to hear that it worked out for you. Our most popular alfredo sauced pie is our Smoked-Chicken, Bacon, Alfredo.
Hows that for a simple Alfredo sauce that isn’t a pain to make, store, use, or loaded with chemicals, emulsifiers, and preservatives?

Edited to add;
Flu, Norovirus, etc etc etc.
The very reason I refuse to shake hands with anyone, I’ll do a fist bump and explain that due to us working with food, I am uncomfortable shaking hands. Most people quickly understand.
My sysco rep was always reaching out to shake my hand and I’d remind him every time that I do not shake hands while at the restaurant. Then, he stopped shaking everyone’s hands and has not been sick for almost 12 months now.

You know what my husband doesn’t shake hands either he fist bumps too!!! We have a 4 and 5 year old both in school so this is kind of our downfall haven’t been sick so much ever now with the kids in school. Wishing you a merry Christmas and thanks for your help I’m super excited to do this Alfredo sauce!

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