alfredo sauce from scratch baked

It took me a while to try it as I haven’t been able to find heavy cream. We just used heavy whipping cream and it is very good. Thanks GotRocks!

Did you guys get a rough ratio or quantity for this?
How do you do it on pasta?
I tried it a few times tonight and have mixed results

those products are the same thing, just a name variation, what you want to know the butterfat percentage, it should be 35% to 38% butterfat, anything under that will be soupy and lacking in flavor and mouthfeel

If I was doing an alfredo for a single serving of Fettuccine , I would be at about 1/3rd cup heavy cream in a heavy saute pan, bring it to a boil while wiping the edges of the pan with a rubber spatula, add a handful of cheese once you see the cream starting to reduce and thicken. Bring it up to a boil again, toss in your pasta, flip it around well, remove pasta with a tongs, and top with the sauce remaining in the pan ( a rubber spatula is your friend here)

For pasta, I’d suggest sweating some finely minced fresh garlic in some clarified butter in that pan before adding cream, a pinch of pepper is always nice too, the salt content of the cheese should be enough where you should not need to add any salt.
If you wanna go full retard with it, run a nutmeg nut across a micro-plane on top for a garnish after plating, along with chiffonade of flatleaf parsley
Don’t go crazy with the nutmeg, just a few specks of color, it is very aromatic and can throw off the profile with too much of it.

Stop by some day, it’s easier for me to show someone that trying to explain it.

Wanna do a spectacular dessert to pair with that?
A burgundy poached pear, decoratively sliced and presented on top of some zabaglione (egg yolk, Marsala wine custard)

Alright, enough of my pulling stuff out of my past, I run a BBQ, pizza, wing place now, not any fine dining these days, (although, I could freak out my regulars with this stuff, that would be fun)

Hows the alfredo sauce working out for you., have you got it figured out, did my proportions and technique work for you?

Let me know if I can help out anymore,

Why is it I can not find “heavy cream” only “Heavy Whipping Cream” I tried this but I used heavy whipping cream came out kinda dry, must have not put enough cream on ??? Also are you using any mozzarella cheese

Same Stuff, Different name. Just use more cream until you find what you like for consistency.
All I do is cream and romano for the sauce, top and bake as usual.
For a better understanding, we do a 16 inch pizza from a 16 ounce dough ball (62% hydration, 3% oil) that is hand stretched/tossed, so we are fairly thin hitting the oven .
We also use Whole-Milk Mozz, so the total lipid content is fairly high in our pizza too

Sorry for looong delay in answer.
Its been a busy summer! I tried it on pizza and tests pizza have been liked alot by people. Trying to get the spice and parmesan cheese ratio correct. For pasta to be honest I cant use it because we microwave our dishes(stoffers alfredo). Maybe I can just make bulk batch and keep it in fridge until needed.

I can in no possible way condone pre-making of an Alfredo sauce.
Do you have a stove? It is so simple & quick to do it stove-top to order it borders on being ridiculous. Plus once you add the cheese, and cool it off, it will set up like drywall patching compound, you’ll probably bend a spoon trying to scoop any out of a container, then scorch it while trying to reheat it.

Haha I know. Our kitchen is so small and we have out grown our capacity. We have a huge menu and pizza sales are about 65% and pasta around 3-4%. I try to focus on our big sellers since we are limited

Pasta dishes are a great cost ratio, a cream reduction sauce is fast, easy, and viewed as something special by most people.
The huge selling items back in my days when I was doing things like fresh pasta, veal dishes, (Saltimbocca, osso bucco , etc ) was a spinach fettuccine with shrimp & scallops in a tomato-basil cream reduction sauce.
I miss those days, but my current market is mostly carnivores, so we do BBQ, Pizza & Wings, once in a while I’ll let my culinary past sneak out here though. Heck, most people around here have no idea WTF a shallot is, so I’d be peeing into the wind if I tried to get back to my roots.

Ooh, I just thought of something real easy for you to try,
Angel hair pasta, fine sliced prosciutto, shallots, a chiffonade flat leaf parsley , and a splash of cream for an appetizer dish. Big money for little product

I mean no offence @apostle

but if hes busy and making money using Stoffers products he shouldn’t bother with prosciutto. I’m sure his clientele wouldn’t know what a cured ham is if it slapped them on the side of the head.

i also have to agree with everyone else…make Alfredo to order its easy peasy and gets gross after it cools down.

I agree with you guys and simple things can become great dishes and stoffers isnt cheap either…
Yes different eating habbits for different area’s can become a problem though if you try to serve them something else. We tried to change a few things and were getting nothing but complaints. We decided to offer what it has but step it up in quality. When we bought the place it was doing ok, few years later we are doing heavy volume. We had to adapt compared to what we used to serve at our pizza place in Greece. There we did all creative dishes on spot and italian pizza with organic toppings and mozz/edam/gouda mix and etc…this would never hold in this area…just like GotROck said they dont know! I had a customer come back with pizza and tell us their was a leaf in his pizza and wanted his money back! “Fresh Basil”…

hehe, that’s why we put basil and baby spinach under the cheese :slight_smile:

It was in sauce:(

I was directed to this thread after I posted inquiring about a no cook Alfredo.

I tried this recipe today and I must say the results were awesome! I used parm, heavy cream, black pepper and garlic powder topped with our Mozzarella, Jack blend (wanted to get an idea of the flavor of the Alfredo before adding toppings) A particularly skeptical co worker ended up eating half a 12" pizza and everyone else who tried it thought it was really good.

Thanks for the recipe. Gonna try it with our Alfredo based pizzas.

Just one thing. Will this work in calzones?