Anyone have a no cook Alfredo recipe? Like to look into the possibility of making our own instead of using the jarred or bagged stuff.

I have not tried this myself, we use a prepared product, but GotRocks put a recipe here that only requires putting parm and cream on the pizza skin

Thanks. I’ll give it a try today.

We make a no cook Alfredo.

It’s about 4 parts Heavy whipping cream, 2 parts Parmesan, 1 part melted butter plus salt & pepper to taste.

Mix all the cold/dry ingredients together and slowly whisk in the butter. The goal is to whip some air into the mixture until it take on the consistency of a milk shake. Once it reaches that point, it won’t separate out again and you can portion out a consistent recipe fast and accurately.

We make ours in a 10-gallon sauce crock and whip it with a food-safe mixer attachment on a power drill, so the recipe scales well. Just takes longer to set up.