Alive and Kickin' Toscano Crusts

Anyone tried the Toscano par baked crusts from Alive and Kickin’?

I am testing with them and they are EXCELLENT. Flaky, crispy, they are a high oil formulation that makes a very flaky crust in the oven.

Only problem is my distributor has increased them to 55 cents per crust from 40 cents during our original discussion. What do you think I should do?

Cannot make our own right now, have mixer but no room to operate it yet.

Where do you store the mixer? Where do you store your supplies? Find a corner & a table and make your own you can’t buy it for as cheap as you can make it.

Apparently they are not real interested in selling them. I have called there three times, tossed to voice mail, and never received a return phone call.

I had the same issue with them, I also had that issue with tomanetis pizza dough, no body seems to want to answer the phone. LOL. does any body now of another good parbaked company. thanks.