All "Natural" toppings review

I’ve been a little intrigued by the marketing of the all “natural” toppings by a member of the big 3. I have to say that I’ve always considered their pizzas to be compared to flavorless cardboard, but this new concept takes flavorlessness to a whole new level. I couldn’t taste anything except sauce. It’s pretty obvious why they have to keep introducing new products every 6 weeks. I hadn’t been to the Hut since I opened my shop almost two years ago. I was going to ask my vendor for some samples of the “all natural” pepperoni since I assume it’s coming from Burke as I see these toppings on their site, but now I’m not going to go to the trouble. I’m all for the all natural thing, but not at the expense of quality & flavor, but then again when have they ever been concerned with quality.
Just thought I’d pass this along and am interested what others think of this new marketing concept.

Of course you know that saw dust is also “all natural”.

I have my meats custom produced at a local butcher shop. He uses locally grown animals for his meat. This gives me a couple of selling points first is supporting the local economy second there is no risk of the national recalls due to contamination.