All of you Point of Success users.........

Responses to another topic helped me decide to use Point of Success. But which one are you using? I saw a basic and a premium. I also found this… … ware-m.asp

Is that different from the others. Seems to be more tailored to our needs. Anyone using it?

I believe that is the previous version (2.0) prior to the split of basic and premium. I use the premium version. It is worth the little bit extra.

I believe the most current version is 2.23, although I know they’re working on 2.5. You may want to confirm this with Inborne, but I believe if you buy the Standard and then decide to upgrade to Premium, you only pay the difference.

looking cosely at a couple of the screen shots, I do see version 2.0.

the few dollars spent 4 the premium version I feel are worth the price of admission…the super button concept and mapping features are most helpful

Point of Success Pizzeria was the name of Point of Success version 1. In version 2 we split the software into two versions, Standard and Premium. Premium is the equivalent of version 1, in that it does things like customer database management, marketing and is more tailored to pizza ordering. Version 2 premium does much more than that, but those are the basics.

I use premium, and it is well worth it! The reporting alone is worth it not to mention the mapping.

Does it have an inventory management system?

No, but it integrates with CostGuard, a well-known foodservice inventory program.

Interesting. I will look at the product.

get QuickBooks…much better for analysis…set-up inventory inside QB - export items to Excell to create order sheets

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Are you just outputting the total usage of, say, pepperoni based on recipes at the end of the day? Which POS are you using?