all trumps flour price

Hey Folks,
Curious what people pay for Gold Metal, All Trump, Hi-gluten, unbleached flour. I’m working with a Sysco rep. and the price was quoted at $18/50# bag. If I order a pallet the sales rep came back at $15.75. Should I expect to squeeze the price lower?


I seriously doubt that your local Sysco is going to get any cheaper pricing of All Trumps from the manufacturer based on if you order a pallet or not. I’d bet they probably pick up a semi load at a time or close to it. I would guess that the $15.75 price is there for you to have even if you don’t buy a pallet with just a bit of negotiating. But, flour prices change regularly and are on the rise, so if you can lock in that $15.75 it’s probably going to be a good deal.

We purchase in the 25# bag b/c of our needs, we’ve been at $7.56 per since we opened in March.

$16 a bag

paying 9.49 for 25lb bag


The best the supplier will do is 15.25/50# bag. Much better then the $18 original quote. One thing I’ve learned is that it pays to bitch. Paul, see if you can get that price down to below $8.

$14.76 RD 7/21/10

14.75 delivered to my door and holding according to my salesman

Try Roma Foods…8.25/25lb bag.