Aloha POS system

I’m wondering if anyone else out there has had similar experiences with their POS provider and what you have done about it. Short of suing Aloha, I’m figuring maybe a public airing of this issue may spur them along to get our problem fixed. We’ve had our POS system for a couple of years now and it has never really worked right. It gets the job done but we’ve had to develope our own “work arounds” to get it to do what its supposed to do.
For instance, the sales rep touted the Split Check feature for deliveries. That feature has never worked properly. Some people in an office pay by cash, others use their credit card. The system can’t handle that. It applies the payment to the wrong check. Repeated calls to the help desk and the salesman have resulted in zero correction. So our work around consists of writing down all of the credit card info then go back in and enter each order on its own. Then if the credit card comes back declined we have to call the customer back and get another form of payment. (It boggles my mind how many people use their debit cards and have no idea how much they have in their account) This is obviously very time consuming and each time I do it my anger at Aloha grows. Why did I get a POS system in the first place? We thought Aloha was an upgrade to our first system, which actually ran much better. Anyway, your suggestions will be appreciated.