Alternative mixer to Hobart?

Quick question,

Our shop has been using Hobart mixer since forever and I know they are the studs when it comes to durability.

If someone was opening a new shop and needed a lower cost quality mixer, would you guys recommend one?

Lets say 60 quart, just to give an idea.

Just curious, and thanks.

If you just need it to mix Dough a spiral mixer is amazing. I have a hobart and a spiral mixer and the dough my spiral makes is way nicer. Brand new they are significantly cheaper than the Hobarts, like 4 times cheaper. I have a Mecnosud mixer but I know a few guys on here have ABS baking mixers.

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On the recommendation of Pizza Pirate, we got a Sinmag spiral mixer, brand new was 6k. We got it for two locations and really haven’t had a problem. Only thing with Spiral mixers is you need 3 phase. We had one location that was single phase and we had to spend 2k in electrical work around and converters. However, the dough it produces was worth the investment

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Ive heard many times a spiral mixer produces better dough.
In what ways is it better? Is it better for the customer? Like better texture, better flavor development.
Or is it better for the workflow? Like softer easier to round, easier to form into skins, etc

Ive always been really intrested

Better texture, they are way airier. I have also been able to have a way higher hydration level and the dough comes out much more useable which I assume is from the folding motions that the spiral makes.

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Spiral mixers are a no brainer. Half the cost, twice the capacity, half the mixing time, twice the quality. The only thing you’ll be upset about is that you waited so long.

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can you explain why?

More consistent finished dough product. Seems fluffier, less dense. When we got rid of our Hobart 80qt and switched to the spiral from Sinmag, we had a few customers saying, ‘I don’t know what you did to your dough, but keep it up!’

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Where did you buy your sinmag from?

We got it from culinary Depot

How do you clean it? Our Mecnosud has a lifting head and the bowl will actually detatch although we rarely use that due to how difficult it is to get the bowl back on.

My siblings put hot water in and constantly bring it up to the sides with a towel. I wet a towel and wipe it down. Just rehydrating the sides make it easy to scrape. I use a plastic scraper you can find at home Depot. Always easier to clean right away after the dough has been taken out. If you wait and it’s dried it out it takes a little longer but honestly either way isn’t too bad

You can get them with a drain plug, but it isn’t a big deal to clean them as Steve described.

You can find them at auctions at a very reasonable price, I have seen them on ebay.

Hi not Sure If i should do this or not but my shop rebuilds Hobart mixers 20qt to 140 qt
we refurb these to like new this may be a better option than buying the newer legacy junk
can do them any way you want your mixer or one of ours, been doing this for many years now!
Harts Repair Service, LLC

Precision. Years using Hobart. 12 years ago bought a Precision 60 qt. Never had a service call. Great company to work with. Still working great.