Altoona PA pizzeria on eBay

Anyone want a building Altoona and think this is a valid auction? It’s for a building with 11 spaces and stuff, so it could be a great buy for someone out there if building is in decent shape and has some occupancy . . . and market is good for pizza . . . and you have ready cash to pay for a Foreclosure Sale . . .

Wait I will check my other pocket.

I have some inside information on this one.

It would have been a good purchase right up until a year ago when a guy opened up a shop here in Altoona armed with the PMQ TT, a smile and a positive attitude.

Ever since that guy showed up pizza places have been going out of business. It seems that they can’t compete against his “Super Happy Fun Time” promotion.

[size=7]Go and Get 'Em :smiley: [/size]

Must be why it has been going for less than $100K, huh?