Am I getting a bad deal?

The last order I had come in my supplier switched the B-Flute pizza boxes I normally get for E-Flute for the same price. I really do not like the E-Flute.

Does anyone have a price comparison for the two different types of boxes?

Not that it is the same to you in Canada as here but E flute are slightly cheaper here than B Flute, but only by a cent or so.
Like you I don’t like E flute as I find them too thin. Much prefer the B flute.


Just a quick internet search and I found multiple places that sold 50 14"x14"x2" white on kraft that the b-flute was around $28-29 and the e-flute was $23-24. So +/- 20% less and I am sure even greater through a regular supplier with a quantity ordered. I would question this and say you want your b-flutes back. Sounds like some pencil pusher at the supply company trying to make a buck at your expense. Release Canadian heII on them Daddio!

You sure it wasn’t a mis pick?

Regardless of the price difference they cost more than money in the long run…total pain in the rear to remake an order and deal with the complaint for a smashed pizza.

Your supplier has got to have b flute a pretty standard box for the industry!


I just got an email from my sales rep. The story behind the E-flute points back to the manufacturer sending the wrong product to them. They have given me full credit for the E-flute boxes and told me just to keep them.

My rep didn’t even know the difference between B and E. He said I was the only one that really could tell him what the issue was, others complained about the flimsy boxes but didn’t have a clue as to the difference.

So being on TT has made you smarter than your competitors…

You are so right. This forum is one of the best resources available to pizzeria operators and it is FREE :slight_smile:

Ditto! :mrgreen: