Am I ridiculous?

Pizza Pad hit it right on!

This is my store! Not a democracy
I am paying you to do things in a certain way. What’s the problem? This is your job. This is why I give you money.
I have opening and closing checklists. Weekly order lists, monthly order lists, monthly routine lists.
I don’t create the checklists arbitrarily because I have nothing better to do. When tasks are routine as the jobs on the checklist are, one has a tendency to become complacent. Without a checklist things definitely will be left undone.
I use the checklists myself.
That’s the rant.
Now the frustration:
My manager who overall is excellent doesn’t like to use the checklist and there have been a number of times the front door was left unlocked overnight. And there are those who just check off the list without completion. These issues are difficult to deal with and I probably will never get 100% compliance.
But, my checklists are here to stay.

Hi Big Al

In your previous posts you’ve mentioned:

“On monday I went in an the store was filthy. Spent an hour cleaning the maketable (which hadn’t been thouroughly cleaned in weeks when it should be cleaned everday and totally cleaned once a week. I re mopped and some other stuff.”

“Little things like trash bags in bathroom etc. were not being done”

and you also mention:

“the front door was left unlocked overnight”

Take a step back - do these things really point to a manager who ‘overall is excellent’ ?

The remark about coming Monday o a filthy store was postrd by the Guest who started the thread, not me.

Actually my manager who is excellent, not perfect. is known to come in on Mondays and rant about how the store wasnt cleaned to her standards. Now I end up paying her to do what I already paid some else for.

My experience is that if it isnt written down exactly what and how needs to be done it wont get done. And even with it in writing its still a crap shoot.

sorry mis read it - my mistake

Tell him to do it your way or he is fired.

I don’t put up with that kind of crap.