Am I too sensitive or would this burn you too?

The other day one of the radio marketing reps came buy and asked me to provide some pizzas for a remote broadcast at a car dealership. The deal was each time on air they would mention pizza supplied by me. I gave some magnets and pens to give out as well.

When I delivered the pizzas to the location there are a stack of the stations sticker about 2 inches high but the magnets and pens I provided were no where to be seen. I picked up a sticker with the intention of putting it on my car when I noticed a coupon from LC on the back. I listened to the station and only heard 1 mention of the pizzas supplied by me.

My thoughts are to cancel my ads that these guys have scheduled for the next three weeks and send them a bill for the pies they got from me.

Am I over reacting?

No, you are not over-reacting. A deal is a deal. There are lots of ways to spend advertising money.

My only advice would be to make the call when you have cooled down and give the station manager or your ad rep a chance to make it up to you before you pull the plug. You may be very happy with what they offer as a make-up.

If you and the radio rep had a verbal agreement then he should have followed through on it. You have every right to be upset with them.

Don’t let anyone mistake your generosity as a sign of weakness.

This seems like a gooood way to get some free advertising. Remember, the squeaky wheel gets the grease. I’d definitely cool off about the whole thing, but go into this upcoming conversation giving them the idea you’re pretty hacked off so you can capitalize on their screw up. Then, after you’ve gotten all the free advertising out of them, cancel if you wish, but cross that bridge when you get to it.


Re: Am I too sensitive or would this burn you too? UPDATE

I went in to the station and spoke with the GM and the salesrep. I told them I felt like it was a slap in the face to do what they had done. I got them to realize how it looked to the people I had explained the situation to.

Bottom line they will be “purchasing” pizza from me for all their remotes and giving 6 30 second spots during Sunday supper from 5 to 8 with no other pizza ads during that time.

Re: Am I too sensitive or would this burn you too? UPDATE

That sounds fair. I’m glad you got it worked out.