Am I Wasting $$$?


We started DoorDash in December at their highest commission rate (30%) and we inflate prices about $22.5%. I’ve also been running different campaigns each week, usually 2 different ones.

Is anyone familiar with how this all works with DoorDash? Is paying the highest level of commission, essentially doing nothing for me since I’m advertising via campaigns?

At 30% you are likely accepting Dash Pass. That makes your store an option for all the people that won’t pay (directly) for delivery and otherwise wouldn’t order from you. We self deliver, so we likely miss out on orders from Dash Pass members. My guess would be that has the largest impact for your sales.

I’ve dabbled in campaigns that display ads, and I’ve stopped them all. I remember trying ads on one of those menu rating sites in the past that provided menu view stats and quickly realized we we’re receiving that same number of visits as without advertising, we were just now paying for views that were previously free. I could be wrong, but 3rd party ads give me the same vibes. Campaigns offering discounts only to new customers and lapsed customers feel like they are directly trackable/impactful.

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