Amazing Takeout Menu Design Generates Massive Sales!

[size=7]Amazing Takeout Menu Design Generates Massive Sales![/size]
[size=5]It Looks Great, But Why Does It Sell More?[/size]
The concept for this takeout menu was “bright, bold, and value-oriented.”

It had to stand out, but it also had to sell without appearing gimmicky.

The overall idea was to offer “something for everyone” to maximize the potential response rates, and appeal to the largest local demographic possible.

After all, pizza is for everybody!

[size=5]The Menu Cover Design: Why It Sells In Seconds![/size]

The bold headline on the cover starts with a powerful, and universal, call to action: Hunger.

It reads, “HUNGRY? Call us right now and enjoy the delicious food at Antonio’s Pizza. Always made fresh to order just the way you like.”

That’s a powerful message, don’t you agree?

Even better, it requires the customer to …read more