Amazon Dash Buttons

Anyone got these for their mobile apps?..

IMO, a total gimmick that won’t be around very long. The definition of a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.

I buy almost everything from Amazon.

The dash buttons are actually great for things like soap, coffee, diapers, etc… Laundry soap running low? Push a button and with 2 day free prime shipping, bam you got your soap.

Sure I could have gone to the supermarket but I would have ended up buying items I didn’t really need at the time so it saves me a bit of money.

I don’t see the gimmick really. Nothing different than buying online, just way faster at the push of a button. Hell I’d love to have these for my customers.

I also like the Amazon auto reorder option. Great for the soap I use in my gojo dispensers for the business which generally run out at the same pace.