American Cheese?

i’m a Canadian eh and live and work in a resort town full of American visitors asking for American cheese in their subs and pizzas etc.

What exactly is American cheese? I’m told it’s just Cheddar and i’m told it’s processeed cheese.

I always thought is was processed cheese slices…


Velveeta can no longer be called cheese because it has less than 51% cheese…lol…

There’s no one type of American cheese, we use it to describe many processed cheeses. I’m guessing what Resort Pizza’s customers are seeking is “Kraft Single” type cheese. Those actually fall into the exact same category as Velveeta as it’s less than 51% cheese.

The term “American Cheese” is usually used to refer to Kraft Single type cheese. It’s ironic, because that isn’t technically American Cheese. The label on the pack in my fridge says “American pasteruized prepared cheese product.” Being less than 51% cheese means it doesn’t qualify for the “American Cheese” label.

But ResortPizza, I’m sure that’s the style they’re looking for. We all grew up on it here in the states :slight_smile:

Us Canadians grew up with this as well but we either simply called them cheese slices or processed cheese

I use White American slices on my cheese steaks. No added flavor from the annatto used for yellow coloring.

Here’s a link to a page from American Chemical Society where they describe the federal guidelines for the different cheese product labels and names:

Velveeta appears to be a pasteurized process cheese spread. I have a friend who used to work in the cheese manufacturing industry, and the cheese food appears to come from the remanufacturing of ends, nubs, chunks, and unusable pieces from the cheddar industry. They are somehow melted and reformed to make a marketable product that recovers waste material for actual profit. Love that!

Very interesting paragraph from that link:
This processing produces a smooth, mild-tasting cheese that melts easily. For pasteurized process cheese, the final product can have a maximum moisture content of 43% and must have at least 47% milkfat. An interesting twist is that the product alternatively can be labeled as pasteurized process American cheese when made from cheddar, colby, cheese curd, granular cheese, or a combination of these; when other varieties of cheese are included, it must be called simply American cheese.

We were brought up on Kraft Cheese as well but my mother stopped buying when she found out we were eating the plastic it came in as well. We thought as it tasted the same and had the same “texture” you ate it as well. :slight_smile:

Similar to Domino’s and PH pizzas. You can eat the box it came in and couldn’t tell the difference. :lol:


I can see American cheese/cheese product on subs and other sandwiches, but on pizza? The stuff tends to melt into a blob, and then it quickly burns well before the pizza is finished baking. A little of it might be blended into the Mozzarella for color, but that is about all that I’ve ever seen used on pizzas.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Is it wrong that I love Velveeta?

take a 10" skin,throw it on the griddle,flip it over,put some velveeta,grilled chicken br@ast,grilled onions,peppers,
fresh spinach,roll it up…ohhh

Actually, there are two VERY distinct “American” cheeses (yellow ones). Kraft Singles is the best I’ve found in a grocery store. However FOOD SERVICE “American” cheese has a different flavor. You’ll find this type of cheese on your cheeseburgers from fast food joints. But I’ll tell you one thing, gubbermint cheese from the 70s was simply the best there was. We had friends that got the stuff and it came in 5 pound blocks and they couldn’t eat that much before it went bad. We all know better than to freeze cheese. That was some good stuff…

Agreed. Best grilled-cheese sandwiches ever were made from government cheese. And we could never eat the whole log before it turned into concrete… once the seal was broken, it was a race we were destined to lose.

there are many types as eveyone said .i know velvetta is not american cheese its a cheese spread goes great on mac and cheese for kraft slices thats processed more of a fake cheese rubber like texture. then you have what i think is the best its land of lakes,boars head or thumans yellow and white american cheese. it comes in big block like mozz cheese .it real mild cheddar (yellow) white more milky .white we mainly use for cold cut sandwiches yellow for burgers,hot sandwiches,pork want to make money make pork roll, egg and yellow american cheese sandwiches on rolls or bagels and you will be king!

Boars Head or Land"O"lakes (which is a town here in FL) white or yellow…
Its what Grilled cheese is made with…
you cant make a cold-cut sandwich without it… :shock: