American Mozz for a Vera Pizza Napoletana?

Has anyone heard of an American cheese company which produces either buffalo mozzarella or fior di latte which is approved by the APN or AVPN?

I’m really wondering if all these certified true Neapolitan pizzerias in the U.S. are forced to import fresh mozzarella cheese from Italy every couple days or if a closer-by alternative already exists.


After i have involved with VPN pizzeria i came to the similar conclusion. Now i know why have they created AVPN or VPN,
Everyone starts with following every single rule but then they look for cheaper options to stay competitive as time goes on. I spoke with 80-90% customers who walked thru the door for true VPN wood-fired pizza but i would say 20% knew about VPN and cared for it, rest just not interested ( they cared for taste and competitive pricing).
At this point i suggest, if you have market for it where most of your clientele care and willing to pay for it then it’s worth it otherwise stick to what you do best to come with great tasting pie using high quality ingredient and competitive price.
hope it help, i know that’s not what you asked!!